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ADMINISTRATOR - JAN 4, 2009 (02:55:02 AM)

Most customers today starts out by searching the internet when they looking for products, solutions and recommandations .....


How well do your company present itself in the world of Internet ?

How well do your E-Mail and Websites perform ?

Well if you ask as CIO of your company, the IT Administrator, he or she will say:

Uptime is 99 %.

In must cases he/she is right, about Your own E-Mail server(s) uptime, but what you really are asking is:

1.    How many pct. of our in and outgoing E-Mails are delivered within expected time ?

2.    What is expected time ?

3.    What happens if our SPAM, Antivirus, firewall or ISP servicies fails ?
4.    And how often do these servicies fail ?

The only way to establish true assurance, that your E-Mail service is up and functional, is to use a Bounce Performance service.

The often true picture of a company's E-Mail service looks like this. In reality it's a lot more complicated than illustrated below. 

But there are between 8 and 20 route points where your E-Mail can be lost ... Makeing sure that your E-Mail server is up and running, can send and receive e-mails is not sufficient. 

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