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Is you Domino LDAP service under stress ? »

CHRISTIAN DENCKER - JAN 16, 2015 (07:18:38 PM)

To tell if the Sametime Resolve task in an LDAP environment is under stress, you can enable debug. The following debug parameter can be put in the Sametime.ini to enable LDAP tracing:


With this debug in place, a file called StLdap_StResolve*.txt will be created in the \trace directory. This file contains all of the name lookup requests that are sent to the LDAP server. Information about the state of the STResolve operations is also logged. When the incoming request rate is greater than the processing capacity of the STResolve service, then the
following message will be logged:

LDAP 08/Mar/05, 16:37:33 Warning: 10 operations waiting for response. Will not request new perations until at most 5 are left

This message is purely informational and indicates that the maximum number of requests submitted to the LDAP server has been reached. The STResolve task will stop sending requests until the lower threshold is met. In the message above, the maximum number of in flight requests is 10 and the minimum threshold is 5. If the size of the queue continues to grow, a low efficiency message will be logged to the trace file:

LDAP 08/Mar/05, 16:38:33 Warning: low efficiency [2 iterations]
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