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CHRISTIAN DENCKER - JAN 4, 2009 (08:19:01 PM)

1.        Enable Logical Disk counters using the diskperf command from a DOS prompt:

Windows 2000 command     Description

diskperf -y     Enables the performance counters.
diskperf /?     Provides help information.
diskperf         Provides status or verifies that it has already been enabled.
diskperf -N     Disables the performance counters.

  2.        Restart the operating system so that the settings will take effect.

Troubleshooting system setup

During system setup, you may receive one or more of the following system messages.
SNMP is not enabled

Platform Stats Informational: Please see online help to enable SNMP service in order to monitor network performance.

The probable cause for this message is that platform statistics detected that the Network Interface Object was not enabled. Enable the SNMP service.

Logical disk counters are not enabled

Platform Stats Informational: Please execute diskperf.exe -y to enable Logical Disk performance counters.

The probable cause is that platform statistics detected that the logical disk counters were not enabled. Enable logical disk counters.

Platform statistics do not appear to be enabled

Platform not in Statistics Table (when issuing the 'sh stat platform' command)

Type  the following command:

sh perf

The system now displays this message:

Server Performance Monitoring is now enabled.

When the statistics are ready to be displayed, the system displays the following message, where

n is the number of current transactions or users.
n Transactions/Minute, n Users

You can now reissue the sh stat platform command.
nnotes.dll is set to the wrong path

Platform: Notes DLL directory is different from executable directory. Edit the following Registry setting to conform to the server being run HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\notestat\\Performance\\Library.

Upon Domino startup, the path to the nnotes.dll is not set or is set incorrectly. Multiple installations of Domino may exist on the system and an earlier installation of Domino is being invoked. Make sure that nnotes.dll is set to this path:

Perfmon was incorrectly installed

Platform Stats Informational: MMC incorrectly installed. Please reinstall Win2K server to enableperformance data collection.

Perfmon, the performance monitoring package was incorrectly installed when the system was upgraded. Reinstall the Win2K server.


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