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CHRISTIAN DENCKER - JAN 5, 2009 (11:48:18 PM)

Obtaining accurate timestamps on logs, between servers, servers and clients, between cluster mates and in messuring performance is vital for any infrastructure implementation.

So how is it done ?

Well if you want to read about NTP and SNTP here are some helpfull links:

You will need some software or some settings in your OS, and some public timeserveres.

A List of time servers you can find here :

Here are some different software for the use of Windows servers and clients:

From NTP  looke here ->

I like this one for Windows systems, and it is easy to play with if you want to understand the "Nerd" essence of the deployment:

If you want to deploy an accurate time sync in your Windows infrastructure I suggest you start here ->

Or on the more easy explained side try Mich Tolloch here ->