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Article: E-Mail Performance ? »

CHRISTIAN DENCKER - JAN 15, 2009 (06:54:07 PM)


Well .. on IBM Domino- and Microsoft Exchange servers, the SMTP task is the LAST thing that don't answer if you ask it, when the server is about to crash.

If the ability for the E-Mail client to send/receive is working, that doesn't mean for the servers ability to send e-mail is working. Even routing between servers can hold the e-mails back from 2. level hub or e-mail servers.

So just monitoring the SMTP gateway from a Monitoring tool, like Tivoli, WhatsUpGold etc. is not sufficient to measure an E-mail servers performance.

You need to know for sure that E-mails are going in and out of the SMTP gateway from You to it's destination.

So how is that Done ?

Easy .... You (your mail system) sends a SMTP E-mail every 5 min. to a destination on the internet, that returns the E-Mail (bounce it) back to you.

We now know what to expect and can measure the outcome egg. Performance.

One of the servicies that Performance Peek supplies is just that, an intelligent bounce service.

You can follow the expected outcome, performance hour by hour, day by day so that you know that your E-Mail system is actually performing at 99,9%.

Remember that 99,5% performance means that your e-mail system is none responsive for 3 hours and 35 minutes over a month.

If at night it might be okay but if within working hours it is not so good.